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About Bilda in other languages

Here you can find information about Bilda and the Swedish tradition of folkbildning in numerous languages.


Studieförbundet Bilda is one of ten study associations in Sweden that offers ”folkbildning”; courses, study circle and cultural activities. With the support and inspiration from us, we help people from different backgrounds meet, create and evolve.

As an adult educational association, Bilda is part of the Swedish tradition of folkbildning, liberal adult education, which grew out of the popular movements of the 19th century. ”Folk” means people and ”bildning” means learning, or enlightenment. Put them together and you get the word ”folkbildning”, the Swedish form of non-formal adult education.

Together with our member organizations, partners and participants we create ”folkbildning”. Though offering courses, study circles and cultural activities on a broad variety of subjects, Bilda specializes in faith, religion, culture, dialogue and societal and existential issues.

We belive that it’s within the meeting with others we get new perspectives and grow as human beings. Our belief is every human beings right to seek knowledge, express themselves and to create meaning – regardless of who you are or where you live.

Our head office is located in Stockholm and we have local branches in most parts of Sweden together with a study centre in Jerusalem.

Through study circles, courses, and cultural programs, the study associations have contributed to the develop­ment of democratic cultural practices in Sweden. Read more about ”folkbildning” on The Swedish National Council of Adult Education website here.