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Afro Jamm Rekk; Djembe dance class with live drums with Daouda Dioubate


Daouda Dioubate teaches students with positive pedagogical knowledge and true joy and happiness from inside his heart.

Artist, singer and dancer born in Guinea Conakry, with a singing mother and father that is musician. They come from a Morello family with artistic roots. David started dancing in early childhood where he integrated first ballet called ballet trouna. After two years of training he was at the Ballet Africa Danse de la Guinea and recruited by the famous choreographer George manboye. After this for a period of 10 years, David Dioubate toured from Africa through his dance with the George Momboye Company, followed by coming to Europe and finally Sweden, where he started to teach. David graduated from multiple artistic fields of dance and singing and is a versatile artist. He teaches students with positive pedagogical knowledge and true joy and happiness from inside his heart.

His class is on an open level, no previous knowledge is needed. For the more skilled students, don’t hesitate to join as well, as he will create space for you to develop individually with bringing complex movements in between.  


Eventuell dokumentation under arrangemanget

Under enstaka tillfällen skickar vi en fotograf till våra arrangemang, i syfte att dokumentera verksamheten för vår verksamhetsberättelse eller att samla material för att marknadsföra framtida arrangemang av samma typ. I dessa fall kommer vi att informera om detta i förväg, i samband med anmälan. All eventuell dokumentation sker i samförstånd och tillåtelse med samtliga deltagare. Läs vår integritetspolicy här.


Barnens scen
Falsterbogatan 17
21145 MALMÖ

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    Måndag, Tisdag, Onsdag, Lördag, Söndag 10:00 - 19:45
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