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Chinese for beginners - part 2

Welcome to the language course: Chinese for beginners – part 2! This is a continuation of the previous learning: Chinese for beginners – 6-week crash course. Crash course description Great feedback as we have received from the participants, now we decide to open another one!


In this course, teacher Rui Liang will help you develop the fundamental skills of Mandarin Chinese learning: pin yin (Mandarin spelling rules), pu tong hua (national standardised pronunciation in mainland China), vocabulary building, listening comprehension, etc. Also, we will start to introduce grammatical structures, which will enable us to be more creative with the language. Last but not least, we will decipher the thousands-years-old Chinese writing system, as we learn how to read and write han zi! Cheerful, encouraging, learner-centred. That is how Rui’s teaching style will continue to be.


The Swedish textbook Lai Ba will be the thread of this course. It enjoys a clear structure and well-balanced training of different skills. Meanwhile, Rui will compliment it with her own materials to make things more up-to-date and relevant for our classmates. We aim to cover the first half of the Lai Ba book in this course. The book can be ordered at a reduced price from Bilda.


10 weeks, we will have two lessons per week, Wednesdays and Sundays, in the evenings at 19:00-20:30 (with a music break halfway – let’s relax and listen to a Chinese song!). Same as the previous course, this one will also be held online via Zoom.


The prerequisite skill of this course would only be that of pin yin. Some additional skills and vocabulary would also be helpful (but not strictly required), for example, in topics like self-introduction, daily greetings, numbers, family, food, hobbies.


If you take interest in the Chinese language and culture, it is precisely you we would love to have in this class. Warm welcome, huān yíng (欢迎)!

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