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Online Sewing Circle

Welcome to an online sewing circle! We meet via video meeting with the needlework in the center but also the conversation about life and existence - just like a regular swedish "syjunta"!

This study circle is all about us meeting unconditionally around some type of needlework – patch & mend, knitting, embroidery, crocheting – to talk about life and existence. Each occasion also has a predetermined theme, such as sustainability, craftivism (crafts as activism), menditation (”make, do and mend” as meditation). These themes are determined jointly by the group in connection with the first meeting.

Dates and times:

Wednesdays 3 June, 10 June, 17 June, 24 June 9.30-11.45 am.


Via the form on this page no later than 2 June!

Please indicate in the listing field if we can do something special to facilitate your participation!

Free of charge (besides your own handicraft material and maybe a good cup of tea!)


Hilda H Strandberg is an experienced educator and craftsman from Vännäs, who is passionate about meeting people, especially in times like these when covid-19 forces us to increase physical distance!


Eventuell dokumentation under arrangemanget

Under enstaka tillfällen skickar vi en fotograf till våra arrangemang, i syfte att dokumentera verksamheten för vår verksamhetsberättelse eller att samla material för att marknadsföra framtida arrangemang av samma typ. I dessa fall kommer ni att informeras och självklart ges möjlighet att inte vara med. Vi värnar om din personliga integritet! Läs vår integritetspolicy här.

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