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Introduction to Chinese Culture

An Introduction to Chinese Culture is a series of classes that focus on the history, geography, and various aspects of Chinese culture, both traditional and contemporary. We aim to make this a fun yet intensive course to cover a great range of topics, such as: the forming of the ”Middle Kingdom”, the three-step typography and contrasting climates, the Silk Road and maritime explorations (led by a royal eunuch some 80 years before Columbus!), the fictional Chinese Utopian ”Shangri-la”, the practices of Tibetan Buddhism and why its rising popularity among the ”posh” people, the tiering system of Chinese cities, how does Confucius from 2700 years back influence our life today, etc.


This course is organised by Huading Chinese Swedish Cultural Association, and taught by Rui Liang, an experienced culture analyst and language tutor. Rui holds two Master’s degrees from Edinburgh University and Lund University in Language Education and Cultural Analysis. She has worked in art foundations, museums, and schools in Sweden, China, UK, and Thailand.


The Chinese culture class goes through a different topic each week. To begin with, we briefly review the dynasties in Chinese history, and then learn the geographic features of the country. This is to build the concepts of ”China” across time and space, which lays a solid foundation for our discussions afterwards. Then we continue to look at the people in China (56 ethnicities), the religions and schools of thoughts (is China really an atheist country?), the food (8 regional cuisines and more), the festivals (what is the fuss about ”Singles Day”?), the artforms (Chinese tea, porcelain, Ming furniture, Peking opera, water-ink painting…), the popular culture (music, cinema, internet celebrities)… potential here is limitless!


The learners, together with the teacher, will decide on the content of class. Active participation of everybody is crucial to this class. We aim to build an open, friendly, unbiased atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to share their views.


This class is taught primarily in English, sprinkled with the keywords and slangs taught in Chinese. No prior knowledge of the Chinese language per se is required, only your passion to learn and share. Welcome!


Contact info:

Rui Liang


Tel: 0725794563


Kursen kostar 500 kr för medlemmar och 700 kr för övriga

Kursen hålls varannan vecka med start den 16 januari

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